Wednesday, January 02, 2008

TerraColor Satellite Imagery Used by Alaska Statewide Digital Mapping Initiative

Earthstar Geographics LLC (San Diego, CA, USA) today announced that the Alaska Statewide Digital Mapping Initiative (SDMI) purchased rights to use the ocean-masked version of their TerraColor 15-meter satellite imagery.

The SDMI will use TerraColor as the medium resolution base imagery layer in their popular Alaska Mapped website (, and also provide on-line access to the data to many Alaska state and federal agencies. The SDMI also provides the layer to users as part of suite of image products delivered through a rapidly growing Open Geospatial Consortium Web Map Services (OGC WMS) engine. TerraColor is built from imagery captured by the Landsat 7 (ETM+) satellite, and provides seamless, tonally balanced coverage of most of the world’s land areas in simulated natural color. Applications include land use analysis, vegetation mapping, military/defense logistics, 3-D visualization, flight simulation, accurate cartographic mapping and many others.

“We are excited that the Alaska SDMI has chosen TerraColor for their mapping applications,” said Eric Augenstein of Earthstar Geographics. “We are proud that the imagery is being used in ways that will help all Alaskans better visualize and understand their diverse state.”

“The TerraColor 15-meter imagery delivers an excellent intermediate resolution base layer for Alaska,” said Tom Heinrichs of the SDMI. “It is a clean, nicely balanced image product and our users are already putting it to good use. The large area of Alaska makes an attractive, easy-to-use intermediate resolution layer a critical requirement for many of our clients.”

About Earthstar Geographics LLC

Earthstar Geographics LLC specializes in products and services for the geospatial data industries with over 20 years experience in remote sensing and image processing. For complete information on the TerraColor imagery, visit the TerraColor website at

About the Alaska SDMI

The Alaska Statewide Digital Mapping Initiative’s primary goal is to acquire new and better maps for Alaska and make existing map products more easily available. Working in partnership with government and the private sector, map data for Alaska from many providers is being brought online and made readily available via web services and for download. More information is available at


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