Saturday, January 12, 2008

Location Intelligence Developer’s Zone - Beta

DMTI Spatial (DMTI), a leading providing of Location Intelligence, has announced the availability of DevZone, a robust, feature rich, software development platform for developers interested in creating innovative Location Intelligence applications. Leveraging DMTI’s breakthrough Location Hub™ platform, DevZone’s web portal gives users access to a myriad of services including online resources for developers, such as geocoding services, address recognition services, online demonstrations, forums and wiki-styled documentation.

DevZone is platform independent and based on open standards enabling developers to write in whatever language they prefer. Using DMTI’s existing resources they can create applications, test prototypes, and bring new products to market quickly and efficiently, without a huge initial investment of capital. DMTI’s Location Hub delivers accurate, current, high quality data that is constantly updated and integrated with other geographic data sets, such as validated address points, multiple dwelling unit buildings, points of interest, municipal boundaries and postal code service areas giving developers everything they need to create applications tailored to their requirements.

“DevZone is the next step in DMTI’s commitment to ensure our customers receive the greatest benefit from their Location Intelligence applications. With DevZone, software developers will be able to leverage DMTI's Location Hub platform directly from a Location Hub portal, without writing any custom code. DevZone will empower developers to rapidly access DMTI's core web services before moving into full-fledged development," stated Mark Sorokin, Manager of Software Development, DMTI Spatial. "Moving forward we believe DevZone will rapidly become the preferred gateway for leading industry Location Intelligence solutions."

For a free preview of the DevZone, visit
For more information about Location Hub visit:


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