Tuesday, January 08, 2008

GIS for litter management plan in Dublin

Dublin city councillors are expected to adopt a litter management plan which will involve increased use of video surveillance and so-called blitz patrols by wardens.

The new plan would involve the expenditure of €37m over the next three years.

Councillors heard this evening that Dublin City Council has responsibility to clean up 1,200km of roads and collect 25,000 tonnes of rubbish a year.

The plan would involve a commitment to empty litter bins up to four times a day and wash streets once a day in busy city centre areas.

It would also use GIS technology to identify litter blackspots.

The number of litter wardens would be increased from 20 to 30 and they would wear high visibility uniforms.

Groups of wardens accompanied by gardaĆ­ would mount high profile 'blitz patrols' at black spots and use covert video technology to catch those involved in illegal dumping.

Source : http://www.rte.ie/


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