Thursday, January 17, 2008

GGP keeps local government information alive

GGP Systems has come up with an innovation to ensure that public service information is always up to date. The Croydon-based Geographic Information Systems (GIS) company has developed the live synchronisation software to link the latest service data to ‘front office’ systems using maps to pinpoint locations. The new product accesses the information from departmental databases ensuring that customer service systems are furnished with the latest information.
Called GGP Synch, the software is designed to join up an existing database holding highways, planning, housing, environmental health or other council data with layers in GGP’s GIS. The development ensures back office records are linked, in virtual real time, to customer-facing systems such as Customer Relationship Management (CRM) systems and council websites.

“With GIS moving from specialist back office users into customer facing areas such as centralised call centres, drop in contact points and even websites it is imperative that the data used is right up to date,” said Tim Maxwell, Managing Director and Founder of Croydon based GGP Systems. “By automatically updating frontline information and applications using GGP Synch, staff, citizens and partner organisations can have confidence the information they are using within their GIS is maintained to the highest levels of accuracy, consistency and currency.”

GGP Synch is a server-side application designed to automatically reflect changes made to data in a back office database to replicated fields within corresponding layers in GGP GIS and web solution, eGGP. GGP Synch supports many OLE DB compliant databases including Microsoft Access, SQL Server, Oracle, Postgres, MySQL and FoxPro.

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