Thursday, December 20, 2007

Geoscience Australia awards outstanding ACRES distributors

Geoscience Australia has awarded the year’s highest performing distributors of Australian Centre for Remote Sensing (ACRES). The awards recognise the important role distributors play in providing direct service and advice to regional clients and handling more than half of all ACRES satellite imagery and data.

The network of distributors was established to help clients select products best suited to their needs. They have specialist knowledge in the remote sensing industry and experience in data processing and interpretation to provide a solution to client problems. Some distributors also conduct customised training sessions to assist clients to acquire basic remote sensing skills.

The Gold award was made to Geoimage, who specialise in the sale and processing of satellite imagery for the mineral and petroleum industries and the natural resources sector.
Queensland Natural Resources and Water who provide specialist technical advice and digital image processing services to the Queensland Government and university users, took out the Silver award.

Resource Imaging Australia, won the Bronze award for providing expert service and advice and satellite data to a wide variety of clients.

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