ERDAS Web Supports Distribution for Norwegian Hydrographic Service

Posted by GIS talk On Wednesday, July 02, 2008
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ERDAS announces that ERDAS Web has been selected by the Norwegian Hydrographic Service (NHS) to distribute bathymetric data over the web. NHS is responsible for surveying the Norwegian coast, including polar waters, and preparing and updating nautical charts and descriptions of these waters.

Bathymetric data describes shallows, soundings, depth and reefs. This type of data is often used for planning purposes, including installation of pipelines, sea cables, developments in the ocean and fishery. Norwegian waters undergo intense maritime activity, with increasing market demand for high-resolution bathymetric data accessible over the web.

ATLIS, a certified partner of ERDAS, is the prime integrator of the project. ATLIS is a Dutch company specializing in nautical maritime solutions for managing and integrating geographic and administrative data from rivers, coast, harbors and ocean areas. ERDAS Web, a portfolio of Open Geospatial Consortium and International Organization for Standardization (OGC/ISO) compliant web services, is included within ATLIS’ Spatial Enterprise Nautical Solutions (SENS). The solution provided by ERDAS Web will enable NHS to distribute the bathymetric data stored in the Norwegian Bathymetric Database (NMDB) to users outside NHS. By using the advanced capabilities of ERDAS Web, these users will access the data via the various web services in both vector and gridded form, including a Web Terrain Service for 3D imaging.

“ERDAS Web fulfills all the requirements of OGC/ISO compliant web distribution for complex vector and raster geodata,” said George Spoelstra, SENS Product Manager, ATLIS. “The NHS solution benefits greatly from our fruitful partnership with ERDAS. We are looking forward to extending this offering to the hydrographic market, further utilizing ERDAS’ enterprise solutions.”

“When human safety and business-critical installations like oil and gas pipelines are at stake, you need a reliable solution,” said Thomas Bayer, Vice President Europe & CIS Region, ERDAS. “With ERDAS Web, NHS is equipped with advanced visualization of the waters’ topography, through open web services. ERDAS is proud to be a part of investment in the fully integrated National Spatial Data Infrastructure for Norway.”

For more information about ATLIS, please call +31 (0)30 602 00 70 or visit For more information about ERDAS or its products and services, please call +1 770 776 3400, toll free +1 866 534 2286, or visit


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