Tuesday, July 01, 2008

Carlson Survey 2009 Embedded AutoCAD version now available

Carlson Software’s new release of Carlson Survey 2009 Embedded AutoCAD provides yet another choice for the surveyors and designers looking for feature-rich, intuitive surveying office software.

The Carlson Survey 2009 Embedded AutoCAD version has the AutoCAD OEM engine built-in. This is in addition to the Carlson Survey 2009 for AutoCAD and Carlson Survey 2009 for IntelliCAD options in the Carlson Survey 2009 product line.

All versions of Carlson Survey 2009 feature more than 75 new and improved commands based on user input including:

* Area label overhaul with total control and overlap avoidance
* More Field-to-Finish coding methods and special codes
* Transparent COGO intersection commands
* SurvNET EDM calibration
* Lot Network building pad placement
* ESRI SHP file coordinate conversion, layer control, field selection, area filter
* Conversion of Mr. Sid images
* Export to Google Earth

Combined with Carlson SurvCE2.0, Carlson Survey 2009 offers seamless office and field operations for sharing data files, field-to-finish coding and COGO functions.

Carlson Survey 2009 Embedded AutoCAD is available now. To learn more or to place an order, go to www.carlsonsw.com to find the dealers/resellers closest to you. For more information, call Carlson Software at 800-989-5028.


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