2008 Geospatial Technology Report

Posted by GIS talk On Wednesday, April 09, 2008
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The Geospatial Information & Technology Association (GITA) announced the publication of the 2008 Geospatial Technology Report. This 149-page report contains detailed information on the complexity, direction, and completeness of geographic information system (GIS) projects being implemented at 467 organizations—a 21% increase in participation from the 2006-2007 edition.

The 2008 Geospatial Technology Report addresses GIS projects in six markets: electric, gas, water, pipeline, and telecommunication utilities, as well as the public sector. Information in each industry section focuses on land base accuracy, sophistication, maintenance cycles, application usage, and interfaces, as well as the top 10 applications and technologies.

"The significant growth in participation in this year’s Geospatial Technology Report reflects the interest on the part of the geospatial user community in taking geospatial solutions to the next level. That's why this is such a great resource for utilities and government agencies, solution providers, vendors, consultants, and educators to really see how the geospatial industry is evolving," said Bob Samborski, GITA executive director.

The report contains benchmarking metrics from GITA’s Industry Trends Analysis Group (ITAG) and Geospatial industry workforce statistics. The report also includes charts illustrating the manner in which various technology trends are developing, with up to six years of archived data. In addition, information regarding budgets, data-sharing capabilities, and the top three geospatial issues faced by each market are addressed for the first time in this year’s edition.

Provided free of charge to users who completed surveys that provided the data, the report is available for $299 for GITA individual members and $449 for nonmembers. Copies of the report may be ordered online at GITA’s Web site, www.gita.org/bookstore, or by contacting GITA headquarters at 303-337-0513 or info@gita.org. For information on participating in the surveys for the 2009 report, contact Kathryn Hail at 303-337-0513 or khail@gita.org.

Source : http://www.gita.org/


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