Wednesday, April 09, 2008

Geo-ICT and Service-Oriented Architecture Combined

ERDAS and Ordina have initiated a partnership to develop Geo-Information and Communication Technology (Geo-ICT) solutions based on Service Oriented Architecture (SOA). This technology partnership utilizes the market’s growing demand for integrating geographic information and ICT systems.

Geo-ICT integrates geospatial solutions with conventional ICT environments, making it possible to relate people and objects with a specific location or shape, creating additional business value. For example, with Geo-ICT, online maps incorporating real-time data may be used to track the spread of vaccinated children in the Netherlands, or a transport fleet and their freight.

Ordina, one of the fastest-growing and largest ICT service providers in the Netherlands and Belgium anticipates a growing need for Geo-ICT infrastructure. Incorporating geospatial data into complex business processes is becoming crucial in a number of key domains, including transport and logistics, natural resources management and land occupation planning. To enable fast, accurate and relevant decision-making, organizations and enterprises must include geospatial information in their core business logic.

Based on SOA, ERDAS’ solutions ensure reliable and secure geospatial data, providing a powerful integration basis for Ordina to leverage into complex enterprise systems. Ordina also values ERDAS’ Open Geospatial Consortium (OGC) and International Organization for Standardization (ISO) compliance. This standards-based interoperability ensures seamless integration and maintenance of a broad range of enterprise systems.

“Ordina maximizes the power of technology, integrating and developing comprehensive solutions that address specific customer needs,” said Thomas Bayer, Vice President, Europe & CIS, ERDAS. “By developing this strategic partnership, we further strengthen our vertical market offerings, transforming existing geospatial products to end-to-end business solutions.”

“We share ERDAS’ conviction that SOA and open standards are sustainable design principles of enterprise solutions in this ever faster changing world”, said Harco de Jager, Business Unit manager, Ordina Oracle Solutions. “This partnership completes the Ordina Geo-ICT portfolio and therefore enables us to offer effective solutions to complex issues that add value to our clients’ business processes and their success.”

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