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The Intergraph GeoMedia suite of geospatial information management and analysis products will support Microsoft’s SQL Server 2008 spatial enhancements to provide Intergraph customers with an improved capacity for interoperability and information sharing.

The spatial enhancements to SQL Server 2008 will benefit all of Intergraph’s customers who utilize SQL Server for the storage and management of their geospatial information.

“By incorporating the spatial capabilities of SQL Server 2008 into Intergraph’s GeoMedia suite, our joint customers can utilize both technologies through the integration of spatial data and overcome a range of complex operational issues,” said Ed Katibah, spatial program manager, SQL Server at Microsoft Corp. “Intergraph’s solution shows the benefits that become possible when our industry partners combine their expertise with the technologies in SQL Server.”

“Intergraph is a pioneer in providing geospatially enabled technologies and our history of innovation has enabled our customers and the vertical markets we serve to create, analyze, visualize, manage and distribute vast amounts of geospatial and spatially related information,” said Mark Doherty, executive director, for Intergraph Technology Architecture and Strategy. “By supporting the spatial enhancements in Microsoft’s SQL Server 2008, Intergraph underscores our continued commitment to bringing the most up-to-date technologies to market. The new database capabilities will increase productivity by enabling our customers to work more efficiently and effectively with fully integrated spatial data.”

Intergraph offers a complete set of geospatial solutions. Intergraph’s geospatial information management, analysis and distribution suite includes solutions for server, desktop, mobile and online applications.

For more information, visit www.intergraph.com.


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