Friday, September 24, 2021

Postdoc position in tower-based remote sensing and ecosystem processes

Post-doctoral Research Associate (1 year) - 'Modelling the diurnal to seasonal dynamics of ecosystem processes using tower-based spectrometers'

Using tower-based remote sensing and eddy-covariance flux data, in combination with 'ground-based' measurement campaigns, the research associate will investigate the mechanistic processes involved with leaf-to-canopy scale vegetation response to stress, and the regulation of plant physiological processes at diurnal to seasonal scales. The ideal candidate will have experience in: i) establishing, maintaining, and troubleshooting tower-based spectrometer systems, ii) processing and analyzing optical/SIF spectrometer data and eddy-covariance flux data; and iii) collecting leaf-level gas exchange measurements.

For more details and to apply: UOS029909
 - Most info can be found on the 'About the Job' link under Supporting Documentation


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