Thursday, February 27, 2020

How to Add Pie Charts on Top of GIS Maps Using R Package

Question: How do you add pie charts on top of GIS shapefile maps using an R code or package? 

Below I list a few of the R code options depending on the package you want to use.

1. mapplots package

Create simple maps; add sub-plots like pie plots to a map or any other plot; format, plot and export gridded data. The package was developed for displaying fisheries data but most functions can be used for more generic data visualization.  Check out this example.

2. rworldmap package

Enables mapping of country level and gridded user datasets.  Check out this example.

3. plotGoogleMaps package 

Plot htm output with Google Maps API and a plot of spatial data as a combination of users' data and Google Maps layers. Ready to use as local htm file or into your own website.  Check out this tutorial.


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