Monday, January 06, 2014

New Datasets From The Large Scale Biosphere-Atmosphere Experiment in Amazonia (LBA)

The ORNL DAAC announces the release of 6 datasets from four science themes. These science research themes are components of the LBA-ECO Large Scale Biosphere-Atmosphere Experiment in Amazonia (LBA).

Carbon Dynamics:

LBA-ECO CD-08 Tree Diameter Measurements, Jacaranda Plots, Manaus, Brazil: 1999-2001,

Land Use and Land Cover:

LBA-ECO LC-14 Biophysical Measurements, Rainfall Exclusion, Tapajos National Forest,

Nutrient Dynamics:

LBA-ECO ND-01 Georegistered Landsat Imagery for Rondonia, Brazil: 1975-2000,

LBA-ECO ND-01 Landsat 28.5-m Land Cover Time Series, Rondonia, Brazil: 1984-2010,

Trace Gases:

LBA-ECO TG-05 NPP, Carbon Pool, Soil Characteristics, Soil Gas Flux Maps of Brazil,

LBA-ECO TG-10 Fire Emission Factors in Mato Grosso, Para, and Amazonas, Brazil: 2004,

LBA was an international research initiative under the leadership of Brazil. The project focused on the climatological, ecological, biogeochemical, and hydrological functions of Amazonia; the impact of land use change on these functions; and the interactions between Amazonia and the Earth system. The LBA-ECO component, which was funded by NASA, focused on the question: "How do tropical forest conversion, regrowth, and selective logging influence carbon storage, nutrient dynamics, trace gas fluxes, and the prospect for sustainable land use in Amazonia? "

The ORNL DAAC is a NASA-funded data center archiving and distributing terrestrial ecology and biogeochemical dynamics data.


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