Monday, May 13, 2013

Reticle FMV: Motion Imagery Software Suite Released

2d3 Incorporated (dba 2d3 Sensing), a wholly owned subsidiary of Oxford, UK-based OMG plc and a technology leader in the field of computer vision, image understanding, and full motion imagery/video (FMV) exploitation, announced today the launch of Reticle FMV metadata improvement and georegistration in the latest release of its motion imagery processing, exploitation, and dissemination product suite. The suite includes TacitView 3.2, Catalina 3.1, and Tungsten 3.2 and is available now.

Integrated within Catalina, Reticle improves geospatial data for use in mapping and targeting, correcting metadata errors typical of aerial full motion video platforms. Reticle comes in three levels of building-block capabilities: Metadata Optimization (MO), Real-Time Georegistration (RT), and Offline Target Coordinate Improvement (TGT). Reticle MO is designed to clean up and normalize noisy metadata in an FMV feed or file, Reticle RT furthers improves on Reticle MO by using reference digital elevation models and imagery to minimize geospatial bias, and finally Reticle TGT, which takes a user-selected point from full motion imagery frames, and computes the geoposition of that point along with estimates of uncertainty. Each ‘step’ in Reticle improves upon, and makes use of the techniques in the previous step.

“We have always shared a vision with our users, and that was to do more than just provide tools for processing and exploitation of your FMV data, but also provide tools to make it better,” 2d3 Sensing President, Jon Damush commented. “Reticle capitalizes on our rich, computer vision heritage and expertise in FMV and metadata—taking processing and exploitation to the next level. We are making FMV more reliable and ultimately more usable than ever before. FMV is here to stay, and we are here to ensure that it can be used as a critical geospatial sensor.”

The new versions of TacitView, Catalina, and Tungsten also include:
  • Still Image Mosaicking — 2d3 Sensing has integrated its cutting edge AltiMap product into TacitView and Tungsten as Still Image Mosaicking. Still Image Mosaicking stitches multiple still images together to form one large cohesive image and performs well even in cases of very low overlap between adjacent images. It is designed for use with high-resolution image data and automatically processes camera metadata to geoposition the final result, which can then be viewed inside of TacitView or easily exported to any geospatial map viewer.
  • Audio / Video Multiplexing — Many times audio feeds are present when video feeds are present. The communication that occurs in those feeds can be used as valuable source data for future reports and output products. Catalina and TacitView now support the multiplexing of audio feeds into video feeds and expose those feeds to the user as individual Packet IDs (PIDs). This enables the user to pick and choose which PIDs to watch or listen to, as well as to include in exported products.
  • Tracked Annotations — Attach any annotation to a moving object in the scene or to a static object in a moving scene. Tracked annotations allow the user to keep the viewer’s focus on the content that matters, even if that content is dynamic.
  • Web TacitView — View metadata-rich FMV in a web environment with Web TacitView. Deployed as a browser plugin, no thick-client software installation is required to access the data contained in your FMV feeds and files, including MISP compliant data.
  • Additional Improvements — Interactive geosearch results, improved timebar and indications, session explorer improvements, expanded network protocol support, and many other bug fixes have been added to the suite.
With these releases, 2d3 Sensing is making the next generation of motion imagery processing available today—providing more tools than ever to go from imagery and information to intelligence. The new releases are available for evaluation and purchase today and are also on GSA schedule GS35F0092X.

About 2d3 Sensing
2d3 Sensing is a nimble commercial-off-the-shelf (COTS) technology provider specializing in the processing, exploitation, and dissemination of motion imagery and metadata. Using innovative vision science techniques and standards-based media management capabilities, 2d3 Sensing improves and extracts the information contained in motion imagery for better situational awareness and intelligence, surveillance and reconnaissance mission results. 2d3 Sensing offers stand-alone software products, software development kits (SDKs), and customized software solutions through 2d3 Sensing’s Delivery Teams. For more information, please visit or call (949) 540-0740.


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