Tuesday, October 09, 2012

Video Game That Uses Google Earth (VIDEO)

Geoception, Inc is doing a project that will utilize Google Earth and models from 3D Warehouse in a new video game!

What's the game about?
It is the near future, and Geoception, Inc is the world's leader in unmanned security systems. Using networks of combat drones in place of mercenaries, they have revolutionized private security contracting. Cities and nations, one by one, begin to see the cheap, efficient robotic policing services they provide as a God-send in hard economic times... in some cases, entirely removing the need for any human police in the city.

With precision and efficiency, you must play the role of security drone operator in this game environment -- neutralizing hostiles, destroying targets, engaging the enemy, and "spreading the peace"... until it covers the entire world.


Wanna support the project? Visit the Kickstarter link http://www.kickstarter.com/projects/945876709/geoception-reality-gaming-in-google-earth


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