Friday, October 12, 2012

Step by Step - New 3D Topo Map of Valencia Spain

The Valencian Cartographic Institute of Catalonia has designed a new topographic map of Valencia in three dimensions which allows to know the territory through a handheld GPS.

This has been explained by Councillor Isabel Bonig today in the presentation of the new version of "Step by Step", a project that, in an attempt to democratize the cartographic information, allows any citizen to know the territory through the use of a GPS.

According to the Government, the new mapping, a model of high resolution 3D allows a much more realistic view of the territory.

This GPS tracking program, which was first introduced last year, is to Bonig "an ambitious project" that lets go "all corners of Valencia with the certainty that we will not get lost."

It has multiple uses, from hikers to security forces, and the new updated version highways, roads, railways, local paths, trails, streams, street in the population centers, hydrography, buildings and about 120,000 names georeferenced (sierras , peaks, landscapes, farms, parks, ravines, rivers and beaches).

Also included are the latest updates of the maps available to the Valencian Cartographic Institute.

The generated topographic map has a 3D version, which can generate terrain profiles of the routes to be made. The "Step by Step" is available for free in the download area


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