Friday, September 14, 2012

Free Map of Sounds in South America

The sound of the intersection of two streets in Chile, the singing of birds in a park in Argentina or the silence of a room in Brazil, are sounds that are contained in, a collaborative platform dedicated to the soundscape, and phonography listening. This initiative by Fernando M. Godoy, director of Tsonami Sound Art Festival, is an online map of environmental records, accounting auditory heritage or aesthetic qualities, and sound from different geographies.

In anyone can participate, upload records or "soundscapes" in South America, whether urban, natural, cultural, mechanical, submarines, electromagnetic or others. In addition, the map has various playback functions with which you can, for example, create "sound travel" where the user defines a geographic area to listen.

The audios use free licenses and are available for all noncommercial creative use. "Environmental recordings are unedited composition or assembly" describes Godoy, who adds that "the Audiomapa can be used either to preserve the intangible heritage as a more aesthetic or artistic reason. So the invitation is open, even may be other utilities, such as educational or scientific". was presented Thursday August 23 at 19:00 pm in Balmaceda Young Art, Valparaiso headquarters, 739 Santa Isabel Street, Cerro Alegre.



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