Thursday, August 23, 2012

Transactions in GIS Journal - Free Articles

The journal Transactions in GIS is now included in the ISI Social Sciences Citation Index (SSCI). Its 2011 Impact Factor is 0.54 (ISI Journal Citation Reports).

Hear are article highlights you can have for free online.

Positional Accuracy of TIGER 2000 and 2009 Road Networks
P. A. Zandbergen, D. A. Ignizio, and K. E. Lenzer

A Contextual Mann-Kendall Approach for the Assessment of Trend Significance in Image Time Series
N. Neeti and J. R. Eastman

Integrated Hazards Mapping Tool
E. Tate, C. G. Burton, M. Berry, C. T. Emrich, and S. L. Cutter

Automatic Region Building for Spatial Analysis
D. Guo and H. Wang

Building Agent-Based Walking Models by Machine-Learning on Diverse Databases of Space-Time Trajectory Samples
P. Torrens, X. Li, and W. A. Griffin

On Place and Space: Calculating Social and Spatial Networks in the Budapest Ghetto
A. Giordano and T. Cole

Exploring the Historical Determinants of Urban Growth Patterns through Cellular Automata
K. Stanilov and M. Batty

How fast is a cow? Cross-Scale Analysis of Movement Data
P. Laube and R. S. Purves

Inferring the Location of Twitter Messages Based on User Relationships
C. A. Davis Jr, G. L. Pappa, D. R. R. de Oliveira, and F. de L Arcanjo

Georeferencing Incidents from Locality Descriptions and its Applications: A Case Study from Yosemite National Park Search and Rescue
P. Doherty, Q. Guo, Y. Liu, J. Wieczorek, and J. Drake


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