Thursday, August 02, 2012

Support The Federal Science Funding Petition

You may have gotten the same letter in your inbox about the petition letter to Congress on the Federal science funding cuts. I am disseminating the info once again for those scientist who have not joined the petition yet.

Federal science funding is at risk and will have significant consequences on your professional future as a scientist. Please sign on to this letter asking Congress to avoid damaging, across the board budget cuts and instead compromise on a sustainable fiscal path for America. may or may not be aware of the profound effect that federal budget cuts to science accounts can have on your future-however, right now there are cuts in place that threaten to greatly diminish resources for all scientists. These cuts will impact undergraduate research opportunities, funding for graduate students to pursue research, post-doc and industry jobs, and cut the largest single driver of economic growth, scientific and technological innovation. Read more about the impacts here.

The good news is that there is still time for Congress to act and you have a say in the matter.

We are urging you to sign on to this letter to Congress asking them to work out a compromise rather than allow Americans to face across the board budget cuts.

Thank you!
AGU Public Affairs Team


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