Monday, August 06, 2012

Free Download MapInfo Professional v11.5 - Trial Version

Check out what the new MapInfo Professional has to offer! Download the free trial version of MapInfo Professional v11.5.

There are many other improvements that have been added since v9.0 which you might be missing, including:

- Time-based analysis capabilities and curved labeling on maps (v9.0).

- Vector and label translucency on maps and 40 new CAD and editing tools included free of charge (v9.5).

- New layer control and user interface for improved usability and efficiency (v10.0).

- Enhanced data access and data sharing. Microsoft(R) Bing(R) imagery included free of charge. you can also create geo PDF files for better data sharing and publishing (v10.5).

- New table browser with improved tabular data creation, better visualization, and easier manipulation and improved support of 64-bit operating systems (v11.0).

- Microsoft(R) Excel(R)-like sorting and filtering in the table browser, editing metadata froma CSW catalog and a new legend designer (v11.5).

Free download of the trial version can be found here.


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