Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Free Water Risk Atlas From World’s Largest River Basins

Check this out guys! The Aqueduct Alliance created an online map tool that could combine hydrological data with geographically-specific details, creating unprecedented maps of water resources.

The Water Risk Atlas tool gives unprecedented detail of water availability in some of the world’s largest river basins.

Link: Water Risk Atlas

The Water Risk Atlas is a tool that provides geographical and sector-specific water risk context for companies and their investors. The risk maps generated by the Atlas will help companies understand the intricacies of water risk, and in turn manage their exposure to such risk. When completed, the Atlas will include a global map for current and future water scarcity and water quality as well as detailed, multi-variable risk maps for the most water-stressed, economically significant river basins around the world.

The Water Risk Atlas’ maps are developed by aggregating and weighing various indicators that drive water risk. These indicators go beyond physical data (such as water supply) to capture local regulatory structures, and even potential reputational impacts.


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