Wednesday, June 06, 2012

Open Source GIS Conference This June 2012

Join the Open Source GIS conference happening in The Netherlands from June 25 until 28 June 2012.

This conference is organized by the MapWindow GIS, DotSpatial, SharpMap and communities in partnership with Alumni association VVA-Larenstein. The purpose of the 4-day conference is to highlight significant aspects of Open Source GIS. The conference will appeal to developers, users, students and educators.

If you are interested, you can still register. The cost structure for this conference is kept low due to volunteerism and donations of time and resources from partners. For just €250 you have free access to all presentations, meetings and workshops of this 4-day conference.

More info about the conference can be found here.

Open Source GIS Conference Live Stream
For those of you unable to attend the conference, a professional recording company will live stream all of the 36 presentations over the 4 days. If you're keen to attend, but cannot do so, this is the perfect opportunity to be involved. For £10 or more you'll get the link to the live stream. After the conference the recordings will be placed on YouTube for everybody to watch. Read this for more info of the online streaming.


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