Thursday, March 29, 2012

GeoJot App Makes iPhone, iPad 2 Camera Field Data Collection Tool

Has anyone of you already tried the GeoJot mobile app? According to the app description, it could make your iPhone or iPad 2 camera into a photo-based field data collection tool.

GeoJot geotags your photos with more accurate GPS coordinates and allows you to jot down attribute data associated with each photo such as name, condition, value, etc.. GeoJot is a companion app created for use with GPS-Photo Link, photo mapping software for the PC. Use GPS-Photo Link desktop software to extract attribute information with the geotagged photos - create printed reports, Shape Files and GeoDatabases, KML, KMZ files, watermarked photos, and more.

Professionals use geotagging to do real property audits, damage assessments, compliance documentation and more. GeoJot makes it easy to coordinate large geotagging projects. A field manager sets up the attribute lists and then shares the attribute list with the team in the field for consistent data collection. Team members take photos recording position and attribute data using predetermined attributes. Team members send data in via email or download to a central location for processing with GPS-Photo Link. Your company now has photos on maps with attributes ready for analysis, reports, presentations and more.

GeoJot features:

- Automatically record more accurate GPS coordinates with each photo increasing the accuracy from about 60ft up to 15 ft.

- GPS Lock feature allows you to capture the location of the object instead of the photographer

- See Lat/Lon, Elevation, and GPS accuracy while taking photos.

- Collect up to 24 attributes for each photo. Once you have created the attribute fields, you can create a drop down lists of values or type in values in the field.

- Select an attribute list for a group of photos. Each time you take a photo, GeoJot prompts you to select values for the attributes in that list.

- Manage attribute lists creating different lists for each of your geotagging projects.

- Share attribute lists between devices for consistent data collection from your team in the field.

- View a summary of attributes collected in the camera roll through the Photo List View. See a thumbnail of each photo captured along with the date, time and attributes associated with the photo.

- View all photos on one map through the map view, click on a pin to see individual photos.

- Email a photo with geotag and attribute information through the send photo option. Others can add the photo to their camera roll and view it with GeoJot.

- Email or download photos to your PC where you can use GPS-Photo Link to create printable reports, KML, KMZ, or Shape Files showing watermarked photos, maps and attribute data. (GeoJot data cannot be read by other photo mapping software directly. You must use GPS-Photo Link).

- Select the way coordinates, distances, and directions are displayed in the app.

- Map settings icon allows you to select Roads, Satellite or Hybrid as the background maps.

Are you interested? Here is a link to the app store.


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