Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Free Waveform and Discrete LIDAR Data + Hyperspectral Datasets

I just visited the National Ecological Observatory Network (NEON) website after a colleague referred me to it for some free waveform and discrete LIDAR datasets. It also lists hyperspectral datasets from the Pathfinder campaign. The data will be available to educational, technology and scientific users by request. Yes, they are for free.

Check out the free datasets here.

About NEON Prototype Data Sharing
As part of NEON’s design and development activities, a number of data sets are being collected. These data are being collected to aid in designing protocols, to test protocols, assess the level of effort required for executing protocols, and to design infrastructure (e.g. cyberinfrastructure) to support sample and data collection in the field. These data sets have different levels of processing, QA/QC and independent verification than the long term data sets we anticipate from the facility.

NEON will make these data available to the community under its open data policy, but until the NEON information system is completed, distribution and documentation will be on an “as-is” basis.


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