Wednesday, February 08, 2012

Asia-Pacific Remote Sensing 2012 Conference

Submit your study abstract to the 2012 SPIE Asia-Pacific Remote Sensing conference!

Abstracts are due by 16 April 2012 to present at this symposium focusing on sensing technologies for environmental monitoring. The symposium is scheduled for 29 October through 1 November at the Kyoto International Conference Center in Kyoto, Japan.


• Remote sensing of the atmosphere, clouds, and precipitation
• Land surface remote sensing
• Remote sensing of the ocean environment
• Lidar remote sensing for environmental monitoring
• Multispectral, hyperspectral, and ultraspectral remote sensing technology, techniques and applications
• Earth-observing missions and sensors: development, implementation, and characterization
• Remote sensing and modeling of the atmosphere, oceans and interactions

Symposium theme and focus:
Rapid growth and development in Asian countries has increased their economic and social importance in the world. Their effects on the global environment have become serious as well. Examples include increasing releases of greenhouse gases, environmental contamination, exhaustion of water resources, and vulnerability to severe natural disasters. Under such circumstances it is imperative to monitor the global environment by remote sensing and to understand environmental changes in order to preserve the environment for our lives and the future.

The focus of the 8th Asia-Pacific Remote Sensing Symposium in Kyoto, Japan, is "Remote Sensing for the environment and the prevention and mitigation of disaster."
The scope of the symposium includes:

- Global environmental change and impacts of human activities
- Environmental pollution diagnostics
- Water circulation and natural disasters
- Marine environment and threats to the coastal areas
- Remote sensing and modeling.

The individual conferences focus on active and passive remote sensing techniques, applications of atmosphere, land and marine sensing technologies, and development of new remote sensing sensors. The symposium will bring together policy makers, scientists and engineers from the Asia-Pacific region, and other parts of the world, to discuss the issues and the development of the remote sensing technologies, data processing techniques, applications of remote sensing data, modeling aspects that make use of remotely sensed data sets and societal benefits of remote sensing products. The wind lidar is being considered as an important forthcoming remote sensing instrument from satellites. We encourage scientists that wish to make presentations on wind lidar related modeling applications.

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