Sunday, December 04, 2011

GeoEye-2 Satellite Launch Schedule is 2013

GeoEye-2 satellite is scheduled for launch in spring 2013. It will become commercially available during the 2013 imaging season”, - assured Senior Channel Manager of the GeoEye company Andrei Shumakov. A thematic workshop “GeoEye’s New Capabilities. From Online Access to Onsite Content Management and Web Dissemination. Advanced Analysis and Imagery Processing” was held on November 30 within the frames of the 5th International Conference “Earth from Space – the Most Effective Solutions”.

GeoEye company is the Operator of the very high resolution IKONOS and GeoEye-1 satellites. Besides working on GeoEye-2 satellite the designing of the GeoEye-3 satellite is already initiated.

EyeQ software system is one of the new developments of the company. It enables to provide data to the customers via web-services on-line.

- One of the advantages of the EyeQ system is the possibility of fast access to spatial data and its duplication. For example, access to updated spatial information must be instantaneous in case of emergencies monitoring and response. This is exactly was EyeQ system assures in compliance with the pre-arranged agreements. Different agencies and organizations, including mass media are among our customers, - noted Andrei Shumakov.

One of the most efficient systems, operating based in EyeQ system, runs under EnhancedView program of the US government. This system has been operated on for one year already and contains highly detailed satellite images of the territory over 2 million square kilometers. The system users from any part of the world enjoy quick access to data. Over 1000 people can be using the system at the same time. Over 100 GB of data is being downloaded every day.

The first commercial partner for EyeQ service in 2011 was the Japanese Japan Space Imaging (JSI) company. On November 29 within the frames of the 5th International Conference “Earth from Space…” JSI’s CEO & President Yoichi Kamiyama spoke about how EyeQ services are implemented and managed in Japan.


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