Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Online Remote Sensing and GIS Programs at Northeastern University

College of Professional Studies at Northeastern University is offering three online programs in remote sensing and GIS. The curriculum can be found at the following pages:

- Graduate Remote Sensing Certificate

- Masters in GIT

- Graduate GIS Certificate

Students have the opportunity to work with ESRI GIS software and ENVI and PCI Geomatica remote sensing software, in addition to learning about open source software. Instructors have extensive experience in their respective fields and are highly qualified individuals. Our programs are entirely online, thus are available to international students also. We offer internship for credit opportunities, access to all the software via a virtual lab environment, and new courses on a routine basis. Look out for "Remote Sensing for Disaster Management; Automated and assisted feature extraction techniques using remote sensing data; and GIS for Crime Mapping and Statistics" to be offered over the next year. Fall classes start on September 12th.

For further information contact: Cordula Robinson: c.robinson@neu.edu; 617 373 2585.


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