Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Google Earth Engine Team Stops by SDSU GIS Center

The Google Earth Engine team just finished their presentation at the South Dakota State University (SDSU) GIS Center of Excellence.

Rebecca Moore, Manager of Google Earth Outreach and Google Earth Engine, and Noel Gorelick, Software Engineer of Google Earth Engine, provided an overview of the image processing objectives and capabilities of the online tool.

Matt Hansen, the co-director of the Geographic Information Center at South Dakota State University (SDSU), is one of the partners of the project.

Other scientist partners include Greg Asner of the Carnegie Institution for Science, and developer Carlos Souza of Imazon.

You can explore Google Earth Engine here.

From the website:
Google Earth Engine brings together the world's satellite imagery—trillions of scientific measurements dating back more than 25 years—and makes it available online with tools for scientists, independent researchers, and nations to mine this massive warehouse of data to detect changes, map trends and quantify differences on the earth's surface.

Using this new Google Labs tool, we've already begun helping scientists develop applications for detecting deforestation and mapping land use trends, and have started working with individual countries to develop their own applications.


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