Sunday, July 31, 2011

ERDAS Webinar: Manage & Exploit Images and Point Clouds

You're invited to attend the free webinar, Getting Data Under Control: Managing & Exploiting Your Imagery & Point Clouds. This is the first of the Synergy Series webinars hosted by ERDAS and Intergraph.

Webinar date: August 4, 2011 - 11 AM (GMT -4)

ERDAS APOLLO and GeoMediaDo you need to manage LIDAR and raster data, but have concerns about handling massive amounts of image files and LIDAR point cloud data?

During this webinar, you will see how LIDAR data and imagery management combines with analysis tools in an enterprise, dramatically increasing productivity. We will highlight how ERDAS APOLLO enables you to efficiently centralize, manage and deliver volumes of geospatial data to a large audience. In addition, we will showcase advanced LIDAR data exploitation tools within GeoMedia Grid. For more information, watch our latest ERDAS TV Webisode, Getting Data Under Control.

The second webinar in the Synergy Series will be Live Link: Uniting ERDAS IMAGINE & GeoMedia to Enrich Your Workflows on August 10, 2011. Register now online for this exciting new webinar!


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