Sunday, July 03, 2011

Asian Geospatial Awards 2011 Nomination

The Asian Geospatial Industry has been evolving and maturing as one of the mainstream business having its own identity in world economy. Undoubtedly, this has been possible only by innovations and excellence brought forward by geospatial technology developers, professionals, end users and policy makers in the region. In order to recognize and encourage such efforts, GIS Development – the Geospatial Media Company proposes to confer awards and recognitions for exemplary innovations and practices in the Asian geospatial industry. Such an exercise shall bring forward an appreciation and motivation to winners and also provide an opportunity for the geospatial industry to learn from these experiences.

I ardently invite you all to send in your nominations for the Asian Geospatial Awards 2011, instituted by GIS Development for innovations, applications, policies and programs in the geospatial domain.

You can send as many nominations as you wish for the various initiatives, programs and projects for the three categories of awards as listed below:

- Geospatial Excellence Awards - for exemplary usage of geospatial tools in various fields implemented in Asia.

- Geospatial Technology Innovation Awards – for innovations and developments in geospatial technology in Asia or having Asian collobaration.

- Geospatial Policies and Programs Awards - Policy makers and implementers whose work directly impacts in development of geospatial science, technology and business in Asia to submit their nominations for this category.

Who can nominate? Any individual or organisation involved with or associated with the development and usage of geospatial science, technology and policies in Asian Region.

How to nominate? Please visit for the details of the online nomination process.

Who will judge? A panel of judges from around the world has been constituted for the process of evaluation. The evaluation will follow a rigidly laid down procedure where confidentiality of the nominator as well as the panel of evaluators is ensured.

The Deadline? All nominations received only through the online submission process till 15th July 2011 will be scrutinised.

The Result? The decision of the panel of Judges will be communicated to the winners by the 31st August 2011.

The Prize? On the awards night, under the auspices of Asia Geospatial Forum 2011, being held in Jakarta, Indonesia from 17th -19 October 2011, the winners will be presented a trophy and more...

So, help us find the Top Guns of geospatial and join us in honouring and giving due credit to the best works in geospatial...


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