Wednesday, April 06, 2011

SuperGeo Technologies to Introduce GIS Development and Applications in Taiwan

From the press release: SuperGeo Technologies was invited to ‘Geographic Information System and Land Management’ Seminar to introduce GIS Development and Applications in Taiwan for the participants from all over the world. This seminar was held by International Center for Land Policy Studies and Training (ICLPST).

Having successfully promoted SuperGIS series software worldwide, SuperGeo Technologies is the very first and the only Taiwanese GIS software producer exporting self-developed products overseas. In view of the outstanding achievement, ICLPST invited SuperGeo to outline the current research and development of SuperGIS software, as well as the condition in its global promotion of SuperGIS products.

During the conference, participants got a further understanding of self-developed GIS software in Taiwan. After recognizing the expansive applications of SuperGIS products in the fields covering land management, disaster report, urban planning, environmental resources, etc., the conferees highly admired the development and contribution of SuperGIS products.

Founded in 1968, ICLPST has long been dedicated to the advancement and training projects of land applications and management. It is also worth mentioning that the multiple trainings and seminars this institute holds for foreign government officials and scholars have brought numerous benefits to the countries where the attendees come from.

The seminar was authorized by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Taiwan. The participants consisted of representatives from more than 20 nations around Europe, Americas, Asia, and Africa. All of them are from government agencies and enterprises worldwide, which adhered to land utilization, measure mapping, cadastral management, urban planning, etc.

Attending the seminar this year, SuperGeo Technologies not only had its power of GIS R&D witnessed, but also received extensive recognition with its remarkable competitiveness and advantages within the global geospatial market once again.


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