Saturday, April 02, 2011

Mobile311 GIS Android and iPhone App

Mobile311, LLC has recently expanded its existing smart phone application onto the Android and iPhone platform. This latest advancement, with single-click connection from an Android or iPhone, reinforces the ease of use and flexibility that this company was built on.

Mobile311 is an app that lets users easily flag work items in the field, such as down street lights, pot holes, bulky trash items, code violations, graffiti and any other item or event the client needs to track. With one touch, the location, time, and type of work are instantly uploaded to a web-based map via a smart phone application. This allows users to respond to information quickly and efficiently and keep track of their work using a standard phone network and the Mobile311 software.

“Mobility is an important part of business in today’s world,” begins Paul Benbow, Sales Manager for Mobile311, LLC. “To be able to communicate with and organize your fleet in real time saves fuel and man-hours that everyone is lacking in this economy. This is an affordable solution - no more custom field units. If you know how to use a standard cell phone, then you can use our software. ”

The addition of Android and iPhone applications compliment the current device offering that includes Windows Mobile phone and Blackberry. Mobile311, LLC maintains a phone carrier neutral status to allow the client the flexibility to choose the right carrier for them. In the past, clients of Mobile311, LLC often needed tech assistance to install the software. With the launch of this app, now clients download it themselves to their smart phone or tablet computer.

This application can be downloaded at the Apple App store or at the Android Marketplace. For more information, please visit, or give us a call at (919)238-0444.

About Mobile311, LLC
Mobile 311, LLC is known for creating mobile, user friendly software and applications with a modern edge. Leading the way in field tracking software and public-facing GIS data, Mobile311 makes flexible, affordable solutions that adapt to your needs.


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