Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Mobile Cadastral GIS 3.0 Software Released

Mobile Cadastral GIS is now released officially. We particularly redesign and improve this system entirely, including interface design, manipulation procedure, map display, and query performance. As a result, Mobile Cadastral GIS 3.0 reveals a fresh new look.

Mobile Cadastral GIS, based on SuperGIS Mobile Engine, is particularly designated for field survey and measuring of cadastral navigation. In order to have a light, convenient, and swift system in surveying, the system can perform on the related mobile devices that have Windows Mobile operating platform. Integrated with GIS and GPS technology resources, Mobile Cadastral GIS helps the field surveyors quickly recognize their current location and the correct cadastral navigation information.

Mobile Cadastral GIS includes five features. First, it has the user-friendly interface. Second, it is widely used with the multiple applications of GPS. Third, it can rapidly record the information of location. Fourth, it combines with the map measure function. Fifth, it enables users to position in different ways. The related administrative staff of Land Office or the staff of county or city government is able to get the land number immediately when doing field survey with the system. Additionally, and intuitional manipulation can make the users who have little GIS experience familiar with the system in a short time, which will effectively reduce the user’s learning curve and the burden of manipulation. Therefore, the task can be completed more efficiently.

This system now is available in traditional Chinese only.

More information about SuperGeo is available at this website.


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