Sunday, April 03, 2011

Download MapInfo Professional Software and Purchase Link

Download the world’s premier desktop mapping application - MapInfo Professional.

MapInfo Professional is a powerful Microsoft Windows-based mapping and geographic analysis application from the experts in location intelligence. Designed to easily visualize the relationships between data and geography, MapInfo Professional helps business analysts, planners, GIS professionals – even non-GIS users – gain new insights into their markets, share information-rich maps and graphs and improve strategic decision-making.

MapInfo Professional expands location intelligence:

See your business data in powerful new ways:

- Discover trends hidden in spreadsheets and charts
- Gain new understanding of your customers and markets
- Perform powerful data analysis and calculations
- Create custom maps and content for analysis

Use geographic insights to innovate business processes:

- Manage location-based assets, people and property
- Optimize service and sales territories for greater efficiencies
- Deploy networks, infrastructure and utilities with confidence
- Map resources, plan logistics and prepare for emergencies

Works and plays well with existing IT infrastructure:

- Designed and tested with Windows

Download link.

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