Monday, April 11, 2011

BIM and CAD to GIS Workflow - Video

Since 1992, CDV Systems has been providing BIM & CAD training, implementation and technical support services to the engineering, architectural design and construction (AEC) industries. Our experience in managing full lifecycle Building Information Modeling (BIM) projects has given rise to a breakthrough workflow which extends BIM & CAD data into the geospatial realm.

The AEC industry has found real success by planning, designing and constructing facilities using BIM technology. There is now an industry-wide awareness that when GIS data and BIM models are combined, an indoor GIS can be developed which offers dramatic improvements to the operation and maintenance of buildings.

Yet, full-scale repurposing and integration of this rich BIM data for indoor GIS use has been limited.

Design data residing in proprietary BIM software formats lingers as an underused resource. It is often bound by non-standardized file structures, bloated BIM databases and format conversion losses.

The CDV Systems “BIM & CAD and GIS Workflow” is a flexible methodology which allows legacy 2-D and 3-D CAD/ BIM data to make its way into the GIS environment in a more manageable fashion than was previously possible. The ability to smoothly absorb these disparate data sources into an enterprise GIS server paves the way for standing structures to employ exterior, interior, and subsurface GIS.

Indoor GIS raises facility return of investment to its upper limits by connecting to traditional enterprise GIS deployments and back again to the CAD/BIM environment. The convergence of CAD, BIM and GIS brings advanced capabilities to GIS applications and in turn added value to the AEC industry.

We think that this short video entitled: ‘CDV Systems BIM & CAD to GIS Workflow’ will hold the interest of CAD, BIM, GIS and Facility Managers alike.


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