Thursday, March 03, 2011

Geomajas: GIS Software For Web GIS Applications

Geosparc, the company professionally supporting the open source GIS application framework Geomajas, today announced the new release and immediate availability of its GIS software framework to build web-based, high performance, secure and scalable GIS solutions: Geomajas 1.8.

Geomajas is a Java based GIS framework. By leveraging the Google Web Toolkit (GWT), Hibernate, GeoTools and Spring, Geomajas offers an enterprise environment for building web GIS applications. This way Geomajas can be used to power a company’s or government spatial data infrastructure.

The software enables developers to build end-to-end GIS solutions integrating the spatial data on the back-end (server-side) whereas the embedded web-mapping technology allows the client-side (via a simple web browser) to deploy interactive and user-friendly GIS applications. All this can be done without having to give up the integrity of the software logic, instead providing powerful possibilities to update and maintain GIS data in the thin-client environment. The software also allows integrating different data sources (external or internal databases) and provides additional functionalities through plug-ins.

Geomajas core features include:

- Integrated client-server architecture
- Geometry and attribute editing
- Custom attribute definitions
- Advanced querying capabilities (CQL)
- Out-of-the-box security
- Extensible plug-in mechanism
- Multiple front-end technologies
- Cross browser support, without the need for browser plug-ins

Some of the new or improved features of Geomajas 1.8 include:

- An update to the newest versions of GWT and SmartGWT
- Better integration support within non-GWT technologies
- Performance improvements
- Addition of multiple passive controllers on the map
- On-the-fly changing of layer order
- Provide a way for properly caching (and compressing) SmartGWT library
- Allow embedding Geomajas map widget for integration with other web framework
- And many more

A full overview of the new and improved Geomajas 1.8 specifications can be found at The software can also be downloaded via


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