Monday, February 07, 2011

New WorldNav Truck GPS Communicator Models Released

Continuing its pioneering focus on innovation for the commercial truck navigation market, TeleType has expanded its WorldNav Truck GPS offerings to include two new models featuring a serial expansion port allowing special communication accessories to be offered. Optional accessories for this unique port include Traffic Antenna for unlimited use of traffic incident and congestion reports, tire pressure monitoring, and live tracking.

The new communication features are available in a 5 inch (model 520060) and a 7 inch (740060) model. Both devices feature high resolution 7-inch touch screen equipped with Bluetooth for hands free cell phone use, an FM Transmitter to hear voice instructions over the vehicle’s radio system. These GPS models features a slim contemporary style and advanced navigation features such as Lane Assist and Smart Search Technology™, and include 12 million points of interest with a unique phone number and business name lookup to make finding destinations fast and easy. The systems include maps for the U.S., Canada, and Mexico.

“These new WorldNav Truck GPS models offer the next level in GPS navigation for commercial trucking by offering communications capabilities in portable truck GPS navigation systems,” according to Marleen Winer, V.P. Business Development for TeleType.

These new models are available now through on-line sales channels. The optional communicator accessories are scheduled to be released during Q2 2011. For further information contact TeleType Company at 1-800-717-4478, 1-617-542-6220. WorldNav 740060 (7” model), retail $349. WorldNav 520060 (5” model), retail $279.


Established in 1981, TeleType has emerged to become a leader in the field of Global Positioning Systems and was the first company to offer a portable GPS solution for commercial truck drivers. TeleType specializes in software systems integration and innovative products for a variety of industries. Products range from the user friendly GPS navigation systems to advanced developer tools such as Software Developer Kits (SDK). This latest program innovation is yet another example of the pioneering advancements that has—and will continue to— set TeleType apart in the field of GPS technologies.

Contact Information
TeleType Co.
Marleen Winer
617-542-6220 x120


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