Saturday, February 19, 2011

Free Essays on Geography and GIS from ESRI

Download free essays on Geography and GIS from ESRI. "Essays on Geography and GIS Volume 3", part of ESRI's e-book series, is available for download at no cost. Volumes 1 and 2 are still available and have been downloaded by more than 40,000 people since the series was first launched in September 2008.

The eight articles in Essays on Geography and GIS, Volume 3, include

* “Geospatial Responses to Disasters: The Role of Cyberspace,” by Melinda Laituri
* “Governance of the NSDI,” by Will Craig
* “What Is the Geographic Approach?,” by Matt Artz and Jim Baumann
* “Kingston University London: 20 Years of GIS Education,” by Kenneth Field
* “Building INSPIRE: The Spatial Data Infrastructure for Europe,” by Max Craglia
* “GIS in a Changing World,” by Jack Dangermond
* “Getting to Know the Mapping Sciences Committee,” by Keith Clarke
* “Opening the World to Everyone,” by Jack Dangermond

Download the free "Essays on Geography and GIS" PDF document.


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