Monday, January 24, 2011

Map World - China's Online Mapping Service

On Tuesday, the Chinese State Bureau of Surveying and Mapping launched the final version of China's official online mapping service - Map World - after a trial version started operating in late October, People Daily reported.

Map World has updated the Chinese part of its mapping information according to the latest satellite pictures taken in late 2010, adding more than 2 million items of geospatial data covering roads at least 30,000 kilometers long, according to the latest statistics from the bureau.

It has also added English translations to the test version due to request from users.

Since the trial of Map World began in late October, more than 30 million users from at least 210 countries have visited the site,, Min Yiren, deputy director of the bureau, said on Tuesday.

Global geographic data is accessible at the site, Min said, adding that the data on China was "particularly detailed", covering towns and villages in China's extensive rural areas.

Map World has 11 million place names in it. Among them are some 120,000 points of interests such as hotels, restaurants, retail businesses, government institutions, banks and roads.

Min said there is no charge for using Map World's basic services, but services designed for corporate users will come with fees.

The map is available at or


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