Monday, January 10, 2011

ArcGIS API for Apple iOS Now Available

Coming off a successful early adopter beta program, Esri recently released the ArcGIS API for the Apple iOS platform. ArcGIS API for iOS enables developers to build and deploy custom iPhone, iPod touch, and iPad applications. This API uses the powerful mapping, geocoding, geoprocessing, and editing capabilities that ArcGIS Server provides. It is designed to use Web services available from ArcGIS Server and ArcGIS Online. Users can access dynamic, tiled, and image map services; overlay graphics; search for and identify features; locate addresses; collect and update data; and perform GIS analysis. Users also have the ability to embed ArcGIS maps and tasks into their line-of-business applications. The API can now be accessed from the Esri Resource Center at no cost.

What Users Can Do with the API. With the API, users can:

* Display and use maps that blend map services from ArcGIS Online and/or their ArcGIS Server.
* Execute sophisticated geoprocessing tasks and display their results.
see enlargement
* Search for and identify features.
* Create useful reports of features they've found.
* Collect locations by sketching on the map or using the GPS embedded in their iOS devices.
* Match addresses to specific locations.

To get started using ArcGIS API for iOS, visit


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