Thursday, December 23, 2010

Russian Satellite Data Free Access

Geoportal Single Space Agency, which provides a continuous mapping of the earth's surface from satellite Resurs-DK1 "," Monitor-E satellite, Meteor-M1, as well as a number of foreign spacecraft, began its work in the Science Center Earth Operative Monitoring (NTs OMZ), says report.

"Geoportal Space Agency is designed to provide access to public users as well as businesses and individuals to information resources of a single bank of geospatial data, efficient search on a single directory of remote sensing (RS), the calculation of the coordinates and distances for selected objects on the photomap, the formation order archival materials RS "- said after the launching ceremony Geoportal head of" Russian Space Systems (RCS) Yuri Urlichich.

According to him, users Geoportal, access to which is provided from the sites of Roskosmos , PKC and NTs OMZ will be able to get online with the supplied information based on data received from the spacecraft Resurs-DK1 "," Monitor-E, Meteor -M1, Okean-O "(number 1), Resurs-O" (number 2,3,4) and ERS-2.

"The cost of creating Geoportal Space Agency is more than 10 million rubles. It was created in cooperation with the RCC Institute of Precision Instruments. Initially, in order to fly Geoportal could use foreign users, it is standardized in ISO 15000. With the completion of the Russian space group with new satellite remote Sensing geoportal will be updated with new data ", - said Urlichich.

He clarified that, as geo-portal is created primarily on the budget, and provided them information will be free for government agencies.

The system creates geoporatala open to the possibility of placing directories of remote sensing data of any Russian company. The first such step has already been made - the portal presented the data directory of Sovzond. Plans are underway to develop additional services Geoportal, which will further implement the entry and processing of data from satellite navigation systems GLONASS / GPS, integrated delivery of heterogeneous data, the use of distributed banks of satellite images.

Information on geoportal will be updated daily. At the present time to enter into a layer of continuous cover the earth's surface has trained more than 200 routes shooting from the satellite Resurs-DK1 "on Russian territory.

In addition, with the launch created now looking spacecraft ERS Canopus in Resurs-P "will be available with the information they received.

As promised the organizers of the Geoportal, it will be wound up a page where every registered user can leave their comments and suggestions on the use of the new system.


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