Monday, December 13, 2010

IKONOS satellite imagery of fires in Israel

A satellite map of the disaster area was used by the Emercom of Russia during their assistance to Israel in fire fighting activities near the Haifa city. Detailed imagery of IKONOS satellite from December 4 was used by ScanEx specialists to prepare and provide a satellite map of the fire-stricken area to the Russian EMERCOM, where fire blazes and smoke plumes were detected.

The fires have been raging near the city of Haifa – the third in size city in Israel – starting December 2. According to the estimates of the experts over 2000 hectars of forest has been burnt out and over 40 people died. Fire brigades from Russia, Greece, France, Turkey and other countries took part in the fire fighting activities.

Russian EMERCOM aviation completed fire extinguishing in Israel on December 7 after making 16 flights at the Carmel Mountain (near Haifa). In all, over 40 aircrafts were used in fire fighting, including two Il-76 and two Be-200 amphibian aircrafts of the Russian EMERCOM.

“Israeli Premier Benjamin Netanyahu expressed his gratitude to Russia during the conversation with RF President Medvedev for the quick and efficient response to all applies of Israel for help and assistance in this large disaster response activities, - reports RBC Information Agency.


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