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GfK GeoMarketing illuminates business mapping possibilities in Oracle Spatial

A new white paper by GfK GeoMarketing gives Oracle users guidelines on how to take full advantage of the spatial features of Oracle applications. The publication by the Oracle Silver partner emphasizes the key role played by digital postcode maps when carrying out spatial analyses.

Worldwide postcode maps for Oracle - GfK GeoMarketingThe growing spatial functionality of Oracle databases marks an evolutionary leap in information management. A recently released white paper by GfK GeoMarketing titled “Working with digital maps and geodata in Oracle applications” gives users of Oracle solutions guidelines for how to utilize these spatial features through the incorporation of high-quality digital maps.

The publication follows on the heels of the Oracle Silver Partner’s recent announcement that it is now offering its digital postcode and administrative maps in the Oracle data format. This allows Oracles users to take advantage of the company’s cartographic coverage of 240 countries.

“We wanted to give Oracle users access to GfK GeoMarketing’s unique worldwide collection of administrative and postcode maps,” explains Doris Hardt-Beischl, head of sales at GfK GeoMarketing. “Using our maps in conjunction with their own data, Oracle users can spot trends in their data that would otherwise go unnoticed. This leads to more transparency, more efficiency and more turnover.”

Linking data through a common geographic component
The white paper concentrates on the key role played by postcode maps in spatial analyses. One reason for this is the fact that eighty percent of a company’s data contains postcodes in the form of customer-, business location- and competitor addresses. Thanks to this common geographic component, this diverse data can be easily linked with digital postcode maps.

This is possible because postcode maps are not simply illustrative – they also function as data repositories. In the case of postcode maps, this corresponds to detailed information on postcode boundaries as well as the coordinates of each postcode’s center point for the region in question. This data is associated with the map via a table whose columns contain the numerical values for each geographic unit. Each map object has a unique identification code that corresponds to these values in the table. This integration of the visual aspects of the map with so-called “geodata” allows Oracle users to link their own data with the maps, analyze it and then visualize the results.

“Analyzing and displaying data on digital maps is a tremendously powerful tool for generating new insights,” explains Doris Hardt-Beischl. “Now that we offer our full digital map collection in the Oracle format, Oracle users can extract more value from their data and make better, more informed business decisions.”

Wide range of applications for digital maps in Oracle
The new white paper details some of the applications of postcode maps when used as a basis for spatial analyses in Oracle. These range from geocoding data on customers, turnover and branch locations to performing regionally filtered spatial queries that locate untapped potential or underserved areas of the market. The white paper also explains how the digital postcode maps can be used in Oracle to support sales territory planning and controlling activities.

Not all postcode maps are equal
The white paper also gives Oracle users tips on quality features of postcode maps. According to GfK GeoMarketing, five-digit postcodes comprise the best foundation for spatial analyses and subsequent planning. These boundaries often change from year to year, so it’s essential to acquire detailed maps that reflect the latest status.

Free map sample
GfK GeoMarketing offers a free Oracle-format map for downloading. The map features coverage of the postal systems used by countries around the globe. Download the free Oracle-format world map at

Download the white paper “Working with digital maps and geodata in Oracle applications”

Print-quality illustrations
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