Thursday, November 18, 2010

FARO Laser Scanner Photon 120/20 - Launched

FARO Asia Pacific LAUNCHED FARO Laser Scanner Photon 120/20. is The scanner combined with the new FARO Scene 4.6 software offers fastest and longest range phase shift laser scanning solution in the market place, claims the company

Utilizing non-contact laser technology, FARO Photon generates highly detailed 3D replicas of complex environment and geometries in a matter of minutes. Photon recreates the real world and defines it within a virtual space. The resulting image is a collection of millions of 3D measurements, providing an accurate digital representation of as-built or as-is conditions. Capable of scanning at the blistering rate of 976,000 points-per-second and a maximum reach of 120m, the Photon 120 offers the most efficient method for documenting conditions in three dimensions, according to the company.

Some of its features include:
- Longest Range 3D Phase-Shift Laser Scanner: Produces virtual images comprising millions of 3D measurement points collected within an unprecedented range - up to 120m (395ft.).

- High Speed Survey and Inspection: Scans at rates of up to 976,000 points-per-second.

- Speed Control: Balance speed and scan quality according to application.

- Universal Quick Mount: For mounting on a surveyor tripod.

- High Accuracy: ± 2mm ranging error2 at 25 m

- Best-in-Class Field-of-View: 360º horizontal and 320º vertical - the largest field-of-view in the market.

- Wireless Operability: Independent web server; data recording on 80GB internal hard disk; control via iPod touch or most wireless PDAs.


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