Wednesday, October 06, 2010

New Zealand Topographic Maps Free Download

[report] Official New Zealand Topographic Maps is now available for free on The online service allows users to quickly find, view and print topographic maps. Users can use it in planning recreational, business and research activities. The new website includes a place name search function and provides fast and simple access to the 'NZTopo' Topographic Map Series, which are traditionally purchased as printed paper maps.

The 'NZTopo' Topographic Map Series has been produced by Land Information New Zealand (LINZ). The maps are also an essential tool for defence planning, location and routing services and land management.

The service is available on smartphones and makes use of their in-built GPS capabilities. Screen shots from an iPhone to demonstrate the use of on a smartphone are available on media resources page at

"It's great to see an initiative like this that leverages quality information and presents it in a different form to the wider community. LINZ has modernised its production systems to allow a wider range of digital map products to become available online and free. It is great to see them being endorsed in this way." Colin MacDonald - CEO, LINZ.

"LINZ topographical maps have guided New Zealand adventurers safely in and out of the most wild and remote corners of the archipelago for decades. The NZTopoMaps project brings the entire geographical catalogue to the fingertips," said James Frankham, Editor, New Zealand Geographic Magazine.


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