Thursday, August 05, 2010

GIS Applications: Ready Mixed Concrete Truck Dispatch Management System

SuperGeo Technologies establishes Truck Dispatch Management System for construction sites to track trucks’ status and improve the efficiency of truck dispatch by using SuperObjects and GPS technologies. The status of each construction site and truck can be accurately checked via the platform.

Infrastructure construction has been an essential index of economic development. The sites are increasing in many countries with a great demand for new buildings. The government agencies in Taiwan, therefore, plan to build a system to manage and dispatch trucks that deliver raw materials for constructions.

Ready Mixed Concrete (RMC) is the indispensable raw material for constructions. When the construction sites order RMC, the RMC would be delivered from factories to the construction sites.

However, the dispatch in RMC factories is still operated by experiences and radioing. A RMC factory generally needs to dispatch RMC to more than 5 to 10 construction sites per day. Thus, it is difficult for the dispatchers to track the status of trucks fully. The construction site sometimes might need to be suspended and wait for the RMC.

Consequently, the project intends to apply GIS technologies to build a dispatch management system to help dispatchers manage the trucks between RMC factories and the sites. Thus, the efficiency of dispatch operation can be improved, and the work efficiency can be optimized too.

RMC Truck Dispatch Management System combines GIS, GPS, Automatic Vehicle Location (AVL), communication system and electronic detection technologies. The system enables the dispatch center to effectively track each truck’s real-time status. Thus, the dispatch center can adjust the delivery intervals based on the current status.

The system adopts SuperObjects developed by SuperGeo Technologies to develop each GIS function. SuperObjects is a SDK based on COM objects; its library is composed of over 100 interfaces. As a result, developers can utilize the objects and interfaces to develop the needed GIS functions to satisfy their requirements.

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