Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Australia Surface Geology on MapConnect

The 2010 1:1 million scale Surface Geology of Australia dataset is now available through Geoscience Australia's MapConnect online mapping application.

The new edition of the national geology combines the previous seven state and territory based datasets into a single, seamless, national digital dataset.

The 2010 edition can now be viewed, queried, and downloaded along with Geoscience Australia's topographic map data. Up to one-third of the entire continent's geology can be downloaded from this online mapping tool in one session.

It also updates the stratigraphic and descriptive geological information from the previous 2007 and 2008 editions, and is now available in ESRI Geodatabase, Shapefile and Mapinfo formats.

The entire seamless 1:1 million scale dataset is too large for one single download, but can be ordered on DVD from the Geoscience Australia Sales Centre.


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