Wednesday, May 05, 2010

VISualize 2010 - IDL and ENVI Seminar

Please make plans to join your fellow IDL and ENVI users at VISualize 2010 in Washington, DC on May 19-20. VISualize is designed to bring together IDL and ENVI users to provide opportunities for networking, sharing ideas, and working on strategies that advance our scientific data analysis and visualization community.

IDL Topics: May 19

· Some Useful Routines in the JHUAPL Library
· CASVU: The Cassini Saturn Visual Data Analysis Software Tool
· IDL as a Tool for Astrophysics Classes
· IDL 8.0 – The IDL Roadmap
· Data Mining and Visualization for Radio Astronomy
· Visualization of 4D Weather Cubes

ENVI Topics: May 20

· Remote Sensing Grain Crops with ENVI
· MRO CRISM Hyperspectral Data Filtering
· The ENVI Roadmap
· ArcGIS and ENVI Integration Using Python
· 3D Urban Terrain Generation using Airborne Hyperspectral and LIDAR Data
· On-Demand Remote Sensing and GIS Technology Demonstrator (Fire Response)

05/19/10 8:00 AM - 4:30 PM

VISualize 2010
World Wildlife Fund, 1250 24th St NW #6, Washington, DC 20037

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