Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Storm Outage Maps Online and Real-Time Weather Information

To satisfy customers’ desire for more information on restoration efforts, Oncor is piloting a new website including a map of outages and real-time weather information. Following the worst winter storm in Oncor’s history, customers asked Oncor to provide more detailed information about where outages were most concentrated. In response to these requests, Oncor is piloting a new site with frequently-updated weather-related outage information, as well as storm and safety tips from respected WBAP meteorologist Brad Barton.

“Customers asked for an outage map and Oncor delivered,” says Oncor’s Chief Customer Officer Brenda Jackson. ”These tools will make a more helpful and useful site during significant weather events, and we will incorporate user feedback to improve the storm site.” Future upgrades include a smart phone browser-friendly version of, and a mobile application to help customers easily report outages.

“Weather – including high winds, thunder and lightning, and snow or ice – is a top cause of electrical outages,” says WBAP Chief Meteorologist Brad Barton. Barton’s blog and storm safety tips will help customers understand where outages are most likely to occur and how to prepare in the event of a disruption in service.

Oncor’s 24x7 storm site 1.0 will be enhanced as more Smart Meters are installed across the service area, providing real-time outage information even before customers call to report.

“Oncor wants to use technology to engage directly with customers so we can better understand their concerns and gain their trust,” Ms. Jackson said. “The first version of Oncor’s new storm site – including an outage map and real-time weather information – is yet another step toward providing not just safe and reliable electric service but also excellent customer service.”

The new storm site can be accessed at


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