Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Gulf of Mexico Oil Spill Images - Hyperspectral Images From Galileo

Galileo Group, Inc., announced today that it will be collecting airborne hyperspectral imaging data from select areas of the Gulf of Mexico shoreline impacted by the oil spill and donating it to environmental groups, universities and research organizations. The information contained in the data sets can play a key role in helping to identify traces of oil in sensitive areas that can not be detected through standard means and greatly assist in the clean up effort.

Hyperspectral imaging is an advanced remote sensing technology, typically deployed from aircraft, which can lock onto and display unique naturally occurring spectral feature characteristics in specific targets of interest. As the oil strike reaches landfall and begins to interact with wetlands and sensitive environmental areas, Galileo's airborne hyperspectral technology will be able to track and pinpoint the spill within these complex mixed environments using advanced targeting algorithms.

"We have over twelve years of proven experience in remote sensing, usually in tough places under tough conditions," said Michael Barnes, Galileo Group CEO. "Large numbers of people and marine life will be affected adversely by this spill in both the near and long term. We believe a proactive role using 21st century technology is warranted to help address the situation. The organizations that can make the most sensible use of the information are probably the ones who can least afford these types of missions. As a Florida company experienced in coastal and offshore operations, we are committed to giving back and preserving the environment both now and for future generations. We plan to remotely sense the interaction of contaminant materials along select shoreline, rivers and wetlands, and donate the data sets to research organizations involved in the monitoring effort. This donation will assist researchers and planners in better understanding the long-term effects of this massive oil spill, thereby giving them an advantage in helping to preserve the environment in the best way possible."

Additionally, Galileo Group will provide standard commercial hyperspectral collection services on a quick response basis to government and business entities requiring data sets in a rapid response role.

About Galileo Group

Galileo Group Inc is an advanced technology company specializing in applied hyperspectral imaging. The technology was initially developed for US government applications such as detecting various ground combat targets through aerial reconnaissance. Galileo is focused on expanding its products and services using its proven hyperspectral imaging technology. The company has transitioned its imaging technology from government to commercial applications. This capability includes the digital extraction and analysis of spectral signatures, or "natural" bar codes, for detection applications such as the environmental, forestry and biotechnology markets. For more information, visit www.galileo-gp.com.

Source: Galileo Group via PR USA.


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